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okay, so heart-break number one for my year was surprisingly not woman related…

…but actually music related.

(i should note, i say “surprisingly not woman related” not because of the ufc but rather my history with the fairer sex)

new order played their one non-festival show in the u.s. in austin and i didn’t get to go, but as i saw them in their heyday, and only half the original band still tours, AND tickets sold out in pre-sale and ran $250 on stub hub i justified the miss. work making me miss my ultimate ACL lineup (well, that and the fact i hate ACL) with depeche mode and the cure stings bad as well…

…but this week might make up for it.

tonight peter hook (bass player and founding member of joy division & new order) and his new band plays movement and power, corruption, & lies (the first two new order albums) in their entirety, back to back, at a small venue in downtown austin for only twenty-five bucks. and the next day depeche mode plays in houston…

…and i have tickets to both.

the jury’s still out as to whether or not voodooo will happen for me and the ufc, but if not i’m gonna get us tickets to see nine inch nails in sa the same week and all i really miss is the cure, which i think i’m cool with. i don’t like when somebody covers a song but changes the lyrics to fit their self-imposed censorship (see johnny cash covering NIN’s “hurt”) and the fact the cure has changed their own damn lyrics to “killing an arab” to “killing another”. now, given then fact that during the first playtime in the sandbox (i.e. “desert storm”) robert smith was “mortified” that some of the un soldiers talked about listening to the track (“standing on the beach with a gun in my hand, staring at the sea, staring at the sand, staring down the barrel at the arab on the ground…”) to get “pumped up” about killing iraquis or pakistannis or whoever the fuck it was we were fighting then…it all bleeds together for me.

but still…

…when i heard that for the first time at the last austin music hall show i’ll probably ever go to (the new layout sucks) back in 2008 when the cure played there i was kinda…well…done. great show, though – nice to see their guitarist back.

so if i can do new order lite, depeche, and nine inch nails all in the same fall? i’d call that a banner end to a banner year!

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