e.t. phone somewhere?

ya gotta love small town rumor shit…

…lockhart, world-renowned for it’s bar-b-que, deep in the heart of the fastest highway in the western hemisphere, and site of a good ninety seconds of final footage (i’m guessing) of the latest transformers flick now has something new to buzz about:


(for scale purposes check out the crane truck to get the size of these puppies)

i don’t recall how i got on the “lockhart discussion group” on facebook, but i did, and they are all abuzz about this shit. what’s sad is i don’t know what these actually are, and nobody else seems to either…but here are the rumors.

SETI – i see this as the least likely. the only current SETI (search for extra terrestrial institute, i.e. beaming shit into space to see if anybody “returns the favor”) is in northern cali; the second in the middle of nowhere between lockhart and austin? not bloody likely.

satellite internet – i need new internet here, and for some reason seeing this makes me think they’d have one hell of a signal…but i think this comes from the fact that if you google “satellite” and “mendoza, texas” (the actual geographic location of these if you wanna split hairs) you get the website for “hughesnet”, which is an internet company designed for rural spots; and outside of the desert this is about as rural as one can get.

dish or direct tv linkage – again, i think this comes as a google search result, as it’s the way to get satellite tv out there…this must have been theorized by the people that don’t realize that’s why they put a little dish on your house? if this was true wouldn’t they come point my dish the opposite of it’s current location to face these versus the equator?

satellite tracking (commercial) – this i think is the MOST likely…except for the direction. there are four total bases, and two dishes already up as of now; but they don’t face the same way. wouldn’t they have to point south to hit skyward shit?

satellite tracking (federal government) – i see this about AS likely as the one above, and i guess not all satellites orbit over the equator (some are powered and actually travel north to south perpendicular to the equator) and the main ones that don’t ARE government birds…but wouldn’t there be a bit more security than just eight feet of chain link and some razor wire? hell, the donation spot outside goodwill has this kind of security.

the gubment is spying on us! – sadly the most common theory. realize that small town culture has been at this since before the “elvis is still alive” rumors, and more currently the “osama is still alive” rumors. this part of the country is also home to the “911 was an inside job” people, so you knew somebody would have to see this and scream to the tinfoil hat segment…to show how much the feds have me brainwashed, i still look at the whole “lack of security” thing. shit, michael dell’s house has several armed guards…wouldn’t a federal info site?

anybody else have any theories?

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