taking one for the team

i seriously started to wonder if i was cursed the other night…

…so i went out last night and got a good tequila buzz and ate fattening food to test the theory.

the things i do for you people.

Friday You People

back in the 90’s me and JAB used to go to spurs playoff games a lot – and i don’t know if we ever saw one where they won. seriously started to make me wonder if we were cursed…or maybe it was just me? thought about this the other day – while i watched them win in double overtime earlier in the playoffs, every other game i’d watched had been a loser. i figured maybe WHERE i watched made a difference, so i went to the same gym the other night (it’s on the way home for me from the ufc’s place) and they were up by two. by the time i left they were down, and lost that one.

i wondered if it was me.

but last night i watched them win one in SA while i sat at trudy’s swigging margaritas and eating migas…all in the name of research, of course. hell, at least i know any failures they might have ain’t me!

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