the needle tears a hole, that old familiar sting

admittedly, when trent reznor penned those lyrics they meant something a bit different…

…at least my “needle tear hole” isn’t a deadly habit.

well, at least if you do it somewhere reputable.

almost a year to the day before the ufc met me she got tattooed at one of our shops by one of my buddies – oddly enough on the night harold was moving his shit out of said shop (at the reception june first she realized they had met previously and those were the circumstances). two weeks prior i had been inked at another shop of ours…and neither of us had been since.

that means that the ufc, who works in the health insurance data base biz had had tattoos done not only more recently than me, but in one of the six tattoo shops i help run no less.

that is just fucked up.

but now things are better…’cause for the first time since october of 2011 i finally got some ink did!


all seems a bit more right with the world now. sure, i’m still struggling financially (my money situation is a bit more of a delicate balance than i’d like it to be so the slightest thing like, say, three hundred in car repair to start the month means bills don’t get paid which isn’t very cool) but i feel like one of the year’s goals (half sleeves and then some) is finally under way!

i’d like to thank my old friend jennifer for scheduling an appointment on a monday and wanting me to be there, forcing me to find somebody to tattoo me ’cause i hate being that guy that just sits in the room while ink goes down, plus when you do it where i work oddly enough i end up working! so it was nice to intermingle my off time and pseudo work time with some actual needle to skin time…now we just gotta figure out when we finish up the rest of this beast; at least now i know i can go with slightly bigger images than i’d originally planned!

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