what are you doing to celebrate?

we all know for the shortest month of the year february does its best to be awfully festive…

…there’s the dreaded valentine’s day (which for once in my life i’m not actually dreading) and president’s day (which used to be two things but somebody decided a washington / lincoln combo plate was in order) and it’s black history month and then there’s the biggie around my house:


Miss Copper

or, in the “president’s day” terminology, it’s the day its “observed”.

because copper was adopted / rescued as an adult they could only approximate her age at “between one and two years” when she found me in august of 2002, so taking the average of one and two years (eighteen months) and counting backwards from then put as around mid-february of 2001, so i just celebrate it on february 13th…which would make copper officially a “tween”. good thing she’s a pitbull and not a human tween ’cause then she’d be getting all into twilight and shit and i’d have to put her down.

but that’s not her thing, thankfully. just cuddle with her a bit, give her a rawhide chew and a comfy pillow and she’s a very happy girl.

Miss Copper Relax

so happy birthday, miss copper! sorry i have to work today, but i promise to make the most of all our time together today! thanks for putting up with your work-a-holic pops!

Miss Copper 2