par lore

it’s amazing the shit that goes through my head as i’m about to doze off…

…a lot of it has to do with whatever was consumed (ate, drank, smoked) prior to going to bed, and occasionally what activity (brown chicken brown cow) happens right before i try to sleep. sometimes a combination of all of the above.

but the oddest most random shit seems to be when i’m alone and stone cold sober…and the other day it was what i called “the parlour question”.

it’s a word that’s gone by the wayside, and i’m okay with it…

…i can remember as a kid hearing “beauty parlour” and “ice cream parlour” even though the latter always just went by the name – “baskin & robbins” and such. i would hear “pizza parlour” on tv but never from real people.

i think “funeral parlour” is the only way the word is really used these days, but i’m currently stupefied by the people that still call our shop a “tattoo parlour”. have we been commonly referred to as that since the turn of the century? doesn’t that take it back to the “sailors and whores” days?

see, this is the kind of weird shit that goes through my head when i’m trying to sleep…

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