that big amazon can be a little bitch some times

sometimes even the “cooler side” of corporate america isn’t too damn cool…

…and while i learned it the hard way, at least i learned it for “free” on this one.

and there’s a reason “free” was in quotes.

as i type this i should be listening to the new dropkick murphys. emphasis on “SHOULD”. but i’m not. why? because i apparently redeemed a gift card the wrong way, assuming it would have worked in the “right way” in the first place?

a brief explanation…no, seriously – i’ll try to keep it brief for a change.

i use points of lean cuisine meals for various shit, typically magazine subscriptions, as most of the prizes in their “catalog” are a bit girly. frozen diet food – go figure. but it’s cheap, good, and fairly good for you, and helps me stay at a relatively good weight. every now and again they’ll let you redeem points for an amazon gift card and i just so happened to get lucky enough to score one when i was gonna go on amazon anyway to download the new murphys after i’d put in my points.

“great luck, that…”, i thought to myself.

so i put it in using the “redeem gift card link” that was in the email. but when i went to buy the mp3 it said i had two balances: “ $15.00 amazon mp3: $0.00”.

so that’s two different things now?

to add insult to injury it had it’s own link to “redeem a gift card” and when i tried to put the code in it said it had already been used.

fuck me.

so rather than drop $11.99 and get the download INSTANTLY i had to drop $9.99, plus $2.97 shipping, plus tax, for a total of $14.04, killing practically all of my $15 gift card, which should have gotten me the whole album PLUS a couple choice singles as well.

not cool.

i count it as “free” ’cause this lesson didn’t really cost me out of pocket, but did in the sense that i should have been able to get more musical bang for my diet-food-fueled buck.

oh well, for next time i know – and come sunday i should be able to listen to the cd on my way in to work…so much for instant gratification!