“how do you get stripper glitter out of a bmw steering wheel?”

the subject line comes to us courtesy of shane, who tossed that out when i asked him for a whore topic last night over drinks with me, him and cousin greg

…i should add that pic was used ’cause it’s the only one i have of cousin greg, not due to the theme of the bit or anything. but talk about your “white people problems”, huh?

but that was actually a serious inquiry. on the upside, shane does follow stripper rule number one: “play all you want, just don’t get attached or take shit seriously”. yes, much like the female orgasm an actual relationship with a stripper is purely urban legend. that being said, they do tend to leave some shrapnel behind in their wake…worse case scenario? something you have to dose with antibiotics after an embarrassing clinic visit. best case scenario? glitter. and i think clear heels fall in the middle somewhere there.

(in hindsight a positive pregnancy test trumps the clinic visit i alluded to, and if that happens just shoot yourself)

i hit up friends in the industry (as in stripper industry, not tattoo industry) and couldn’t get a straight answer to his question, so we figured we’d throw it out here. he also asked our waitress, but i think that was just his version of “flirting” as he specified what kind of car he drives in the question and all. never mind the fact i drive one, too – i don’t throw it out there like that. just sayin’.

also ironic how now i have a girlfriend and he has stripper stories. my, how the world has reversed itself.

so, anybody with an actual stripper glitter solution? last tip i got (and it kind made sense) was “goo gone”, which sounds like a product that eliminates strippers all together, don’t it?