two parts, same day…well, sorta…(NOW COMPLETED!)

since i got a text or two i thought i would verify…

…THIS is not about me:


…and what is “THIS”, you ask?

well, i wasn’t able to get a picture when i was driving today, but i’ll shoot for tomorrow. let’s just say despite the new UFC (Ultimate Fuckin’ Chick) it ain’t “there” yet. promise. hell, she’d promise, too!

(this will make more sense once the pic is in the bit, i promise…)


now that the pics been added, i should add in that i have an OLD camera phone right now, it was overcast this morning (saturday) and taking this pic while getting on an on ramp for a freeway is not the ideal condition. that being said, it’s a billboard designed to look like a girl is writing it that says, “sean – i’m dreaming of a white GOLD christmas!”.

so not the UFC sending a message to me – i promise…and she does, too.