i know kramer will want this…

…which when you look at it, is no surprise:

i crudely blocked out the guy’s business name here because, well, it’s not his site it’s mine. that and the fact he uses a eighties era firebird on a monster truck frame to advertise the fact he cuts hair. yep, i said it – he cuts hair.

so much for them all being gay, huh?

what’s more redneck than a four by four? why, a pontiac trans-am firebird four by four, of course! add to that the mullet factor of t-tops, and what you DON’T see in the pic: the hatchback window has been removed to mount a baja-style bed mount for the spare tire, which is FULL-SIZED and matches the other monster mudders on this beast.

my buddy just moved in down the road from this guy and we snapped the pic while we were moving his shit – and since have found out that the gas mileage factor isn’t really a factor at all with this because while homeboy DOES drive it to work every day, work is only a block or so from the apartment and he just parks it out front as advertisement…

…i just wonder who, besides kramer, might stop in for a shampoo and trim with this kind of image in the parking lot?