down with the brown…or at least the “jersey shore” version thereof

i’m sure everybody’s seen the pic by now:

it’s mr. romney before and after his self-done “univision” makeover. he was going to be on the oldest of latin networks and, i guess to show he was “down with the brown” he went and got spray tanned.

guess it’s good he wasn’t going on BET or he might have done blackface?

i’ve seen some politicians who tried to “relate” to the common folk, although a company pirating billionaire who greases the gears of his cash machine with the blood of the workers he’s run out of jobs probably won’t be “relating” to the latino community anytime soon. just sayin’.

but i have to wonder – was this his idea? or some adviser who i’ll hope is now fired? does the book of mormon have a “thou shalt not tan” commandment?