fuck fifty-five!

it became “official” and made the news a couple fridays ago…

…but some of us already knew.

the signs apparently went up on wednesday of that week even though the road doesn’t open for another couple of months – but i didn’t see ’em till i was on my way to work on thursday morning:

i’ll assume they put them up just so the media could get pictures. which they did. in droves.

yep – a posted speed limit of 85 mph; the fastest in the nation…technically. i’ve heard that montana (or wyoming, or one of those states) doesn’t actually have speed limits on their rural highways, which i find kind of hard to believe. but even if it’s true, we still can boast the highest POSTED speed limit as “no limit” isn’t technically a number, right?

what makes it more odd is (so far) it’s only on the toll road that starts about ten miles north of my place, then goes past my house and straight down to about ten miles from shane’s place…so the fastest highway in the nation (sorta) is now the road that connects my town to shane’s town. if that’s not the state endorsing our friendship i don’t know what is!