pain in my ass (literally)

okay, if we wanna get specific, it’s northwest of there…

…but still hurts like hell.

i’ve always split my days off – decompression on one, productivity on the other. “responsible day” and “irresponsible day” i call them. today was the latter, which meant lots of couch time with the puppies. i got home from paying the $250 utility bill (ouch) and getting groceries and breakfast tacos around 10:30 or so…and haven’t been outside save for twice in the backyard with cop and the dude.

that’s one serious decompression day.

the only thing that’s gotten cleaned off was about twelve percent of the dvr…but i noticed something about half way through the day – my ass hurts. okay, so not my literal rectum or even glute area…but just north of it, on my left side. and it’s excruciating. i don’t know if i’m sitting on the couch wrong, or if some support part of the couch has broken or something, but i notice if i sit for too long it REALLY flares up. no telling how i’ll feel when i wake up in the morning. but apparently i’m kind of allergic to sloth or something?

guess i’ll really find out come morning, huh?