made in, too

okay, i haven’t done a concert review in a while…

…but i figure seeing my favorite band from early junior high (before i got all into the new wave stuff) was a good chance to do one.

my first iron maiden experience was pretty good. the lineup was good. the set list was good – in fact, it’s not uncommon for me to go into a show with a mental list of songs i REALLY wanna here, and they played all but two.

okay, technically they played all but one – ’cause one was the last song of the encore but we cut out after the FIRST song of the encore to beat traffic – yet another sign i’m guessing that i might be getting kinda old and shit.

moving on…

for a band of metal guys in their early to mid-fifties (yes, kramer, they’re all your age) i’d say they still know how to rock pretty good, and they put on a great show with great visuals – plus, it didn’t sell that well in the more expensive seats so our “cheap seats” (read: $110 for the pair) were upgraded a level or two to make the place look more full…

…and that’s okay by me.

will i see them again? i don’t know – they’re on this kick where they’re touring for their older albums, and focusing on them in sequence it seems, and they already covered my “preferred” period two tours ago (a special “fuck you very much” goes to harold, who went to the show with matt and never bothered to ask me assuming i wouldn’t wanna go…asshole) so when the next tour comes round i’ll have to see what the “focus” is, as it were.

but if you haven’t seen them, and you dig them, they’re worth the time, money, and horrible shirt crowds. it was once said that maiden sold more t-shirts (at $40 a pop these days) than they did albums. i know i haven’t bought a maiden album in years…but i bought the limited edition texas shirt, by god!