rollin’ in a bait-a-cuda?

has anybody ever heard of this?

apparently it’s also a show, but this was the sign outside of an apartment complex i went to the other day so i could help our piercer get a washer/dryer set he picked up off craigslist. the two things i found queer about this:

(“queer” as in “strange”, not “queer” as in “we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it”)

1. the term “bait car” – really? i’ve heard of a “bait truck” – kramer had one of those ’cause since it didn’t run he just filled the bed with dirt and raised worms in it…plus, once we DID get it running he could just drive it to the fishing spot and have virtually unlimited bait; but i don’t think that’s what they meant here – wouldn’t the dirt trash the upholstery? or trunk carpet?

2. the line “steal one, go to jail”. i was under the impression if you stole ANY fuckin car you would go to jail. “grand theft auto” ain’t just a video game – it’s still a real crime, right? if not, i know a classic ‘vette not too far from my place that’s finding a new home tonight!