sinteenth eve

if i’m doing it right i’m out till past midnight to kick off my birthday at a bar…

…but since i’m more than likely alone tonight i probably got home from trudy’s, just like every other monday, around six or seven and sit in the a/c and relax with pups and go to bed before midnight.

time will tell, i suppose.

but tomorrow will not be your typical tuesday – as i mentioned about a month ago i’m taking a tip from all the “sin night” (i.e. “service industry night”) things they do in austin on tuesday and wednesday and such for those of us who work through the “normal people weekend” and having my juneteenth bbq on a tuesday for the first time, as explained in that last post. if you can make it and haven’t responded to the facebook invite i sent out at the beginning of the month hit me up via text or something and let me know – or i won’t be buying food for you, as per usual.

okay, enough of this – i really need to start drinking!