oops – king sized edition

hey, we all make mistakes…

…what was funny was on the day this happen this HAD been a topic of conversation over lunch…well…sorta…read on and it all comes together.

i was having lunch and brought up the topic of the mistaken pregnancy – you know, where you think a girl you meet is preggers, so you make some “how far along are you?” kinda comment only for her to tell you she AIN’T pregnant and is just fat…

…the one time this happened to me my instant response was, “are you sure? you might just be and not know it?”.

didn’t save me – and once you make that mistake you are F O R E V E R jaded about that shit and you watch it before you make the comment to a stranger…which last time was a bartender, and when i tipped the upper end of my scale (30%) she tried to correct me and said, “dude, this is about thirty-percent here…you sure?”

my response was, “i figured (i gesture at her belly and back to her face) i was ‘tipping for two’ so it was best to go fifteen percent for each of you!”

she said that made her day – but i had cheated…i heard her remark about her pregnancy to the ladies across the bar from me. so at least i KNEW i was safe on that one!

not so much at the gym the next day when i went to comment to a guy i was just SURE had an interesting career – i mean, the jet-black died hair in THAT cut, with those sideburns? at his age? had to mean only one thing…

…ELVIS impersonator!

so, i commented as such. i’d had a great day at that point – windfall, lovely lunch, good vibes all day – until i mistakenly thought a guy who just couldn’t let his double-chinned, big sideburned, conway-twitty-style jet black hair from the late 1960’s or early 1970’s go…so i thought he must be an elvis impersonator.

nope. oops. ah well, this shit happens.

(sadly, due to the strict “no cameras in the gym and ESPECIALLY the locker room” rule (which i’m thankful for, i should add) i don’t have a pic to accompany this story…)