good-bye, house (extended remix)

no, i’m not soon to be residentially impaired…

…i.e. “homeless”.

and no i’m not selling my home of the last thirty-four years. at least not yet.

no, i’m talking about the show “house”.

i got into it late. like in the last few years kinda late. i THOUGHT i had seen all the old episodes, but a couple of the ones they showed on the retrospective before the series finale weren’t familiar, so i guess i’ll have to catch up more than i thought.

i won’t spoil the ending but let’s just say i didn’t see it coming and i couldn’t be happier with how they did it if they felt it had to end. i still don’t see WHY it had to end, but at least it ended well…also gave me some ideas about a thing or two with my own life, but never mind that now.

okay, we’ll mind that now…

(this is where the “extended remix” part of the title comes in, ’cause if you haven’t figured it out that’s my code (mostly for myself) for when i add on to a bit AFTER it’s been posted)

i’m tired of life not going my way. some things we’re told to accept, or just deal with, or “it is what it is” or whatever but fuck all that – i realize i can’t make people do or say what i want. that’s okay. i don’t need mind control (i could insert some “at least not yet” joke here but i won’t) but while i can’t control what people around me do or say or how much they let me down (keep in mind i AM the guy who coined the extremely pessimistic phrase “as long as you expect people to disappoint you you’ll never be disappointed”) the one thing i DO have control over is how i react to it. sure, we all get our feelings hurt; but i don’t need to let other people’s bullshit ruin my day or week or month or year. hell, not only do i not need to, i simply can’t let it anymore.

while i can’t control THEIR world i need to start taking a little better control of mine. simply waiting for things to get better, “putting it all in God’s hands” or whatever just makes you wait for something that may or may not happen…why not just MAKE it happen?

so there we are.

the show will be missed…and God, i hope they didn’t have some spin-off bullshit happen!