just one more month and i go “sinful” for the first time

in hindsight, this was inevitable…

…my juneteenth bbq has somehow transitioned into a company party.

and that’s fine, i suppose.

in the past it was always in lockhart, and a fair amount of my lockhart brethren made it…although the last one i remember having here at the house only had three attendees – and none of them were from lockhart. and most of my friends in austin and such didn’t come out due to the fact that my house is, as my girl tina put it, “three dwi’s away from home”. those three attendants were harold (who would go on to co-host the next few years with me), shane (who is always there, save for any state-required interruptions) and cathey (girl i was dating at the time who’s never been to one since). NONE of them were from lockhart – so when i moved it to austin and nobody from lockhart really came i wasn’t surprised.

and not only is it just austin friends, but at this point it’s atomic austin friends – as in my company people. and most of us work through the weekends…so this time, instead of fighting my schedule and those of my co-workers to accommodate people that won’t make it anyway, i’m taking a clue from the “sin nights” bars and restaurants do where they do nights for those who work through the weekend ’cause they’re in the “service industry”…so i’m gonna do my juneteenth bbq ON juneteenth this year…

…which will make it a tuesday night.

i’m thinking we’ll start it around four or five and go as late as we wanna go (it’ll be at my boss’ place this year since harold has now left where we’ve done it the last few years and moved to hawaii). invites will go out via facebook right around memorial day or so – if you can come, just let me know…everybody that’s typically invited will still be invited, just now it won’t be on father’s day any more (which was always a complaint i got as well) – so come to my first “sinteenth bbq”!

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