a little something extra

for mom today…

…i came up with this idea when i visited mom’s grave today, and posted it on the facebooks. for some reason i’m kinda proud of it. figured i’d share it here, too.

(note: there were names in here that were changed in case they’re not cool with being mentioned, first and last name, on this site…)

Sean McCauley
doesn’t usually get sentimental on here, but I will today.

First off, Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms that can read this. This is in place of all the calls and texts I could make today, but inevitably will get wrapped up in crap at the shop and what-not and forget to do so I’ll get that out of the way here.

Secondly, for all my friends that over the past week have made some comment about HAVING to remember to go get something, or call, or what have you keep something in mind – while some of you DO have Moms or Grandmothers or even Great Grandmothers you can call or send flowers to or take to lunch, some of us only have memories and cemetery visits today – so enjoy them while you can. While you see this as somewhat of a “burden” keep in mind she put up with years of your attitude and demands, and prior to that your dirty diapers and you going off like a cheap car alarm at all hours, and prior to that sacrificed for months both the body that got your Dad thinking you being here was a good idea as well as the booze and smokes that helped seal the deal…

(Quick note to all who did NOT sacrifice the booze and smokes ’cause you had your kids before that little “smoking+drinking+pregnant = bad” equation was more known and all – it’s all good, you didn’t know any better, and it probably made pregnancy a bit more bearable – plus, it helps explain why most of my generation can’t spell worth a shit and had to invent the spell check that’s helping me write this)

Today those of you who can make the call, or send the flowers, or make it out to lunch should – after all, she doesn’t want your money, she just wants you to remember her (okay, so Bev, Red, Boss Lady, and Boss Lady Jr. want your money – but I don’t say this because their materialistic, but rather ’cause all their kids are on my Facebook so maybe this will get them an extra hook up today or something) and for at least one day stop being an ungrateful brat and give credit where it’s do. After all, if the Mayans are accurate this will be the last time you have to deal with it anyway…

Happy Mother’s Day!

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