i’m ground-red

i’ve decided i don’t need to rent movies…

…it’s not because i finally got netflix. shit, i wish. not that i need another monthly bill, but it’s handy as hell – when you have conventional internet. since i use mobile broadband (sprint) the streaming shit won’t work, and waiting for the discs in the mail just doesn’t work for me.

so i do redbox.

but the last two months i’ve gotten my little monthly free code, gotten my “free” movie, than forgot to return it…at one point for a week at a time. so i watched it the first night, which was free; and then it sat on my table for six more nights to the tune of $1.30 per, which in case you suck at math is $7.80. i could have seen it in the theater for less.

so, i’ve grounded myself off redbox for a while to teach me a lesson. see – who needs a parent when you can do this shit yourself?