who needs twelve steps?

i only needed four!

so, remember that internet game (i think) where they said everybody who’s ever been in a movie could be connected to kevin bacon in six steps or less? “six degrees of kevin bacon” i think it was called? well, i finally have proof of this for myself. witness this shot from anthony michael hall’s forgettable football flick johnny be good

see the guy in the circle? playing sax in the band that surrounds the mercedes convertible anthony michael hall is about to get in? here’s a close-up:

(i guess that almost doesn’t help more, does it?)

that’s me! the SWT marching band was in a national competition, so they couldn’t be in the movie like they were supposed to be, so they used the SWT drill team and the lockhart high school band, which at the time had me and JAB in it, and there we are in one of the last nails in the coffin of an 80’s teen icon’s career we’d always enjoyed!

(the movie also had robert downey jr. in it, but he wasn’t in this scene so we didn’t get to meet him – did get to meet hall though, who was cool – i think JAB even tried on his shoes)

so let’s do this once and for all:
1. i was in johnny be good with anthony michael hall, who…
2. was in the breakfast club with emilio estevez, who…
3. was in young guns with kieffer sutherland, who…
4. was in flatliners with kevin bacon!

bitch, recognize! i’m practically hollywood royalty and shit!