van hell no!

so, i thought i’d found a good birthday gift for myself…

…never too early to look, right?

i got a notice on a van halen pre-sale, which was a good time when i saw them back in early 2008, and they still have the same line up as back then:

(that’s david lee roth, eddie van halen, alex van halen, and the young ‘un on the right is wolfgang van halen (eddie’s kid with valerie bertanelli) taking michael anthony’s place on bass)

so, i logged on after a brief chat with JAB where he said he couldn’t go, and went for one best available. it’s the friday after my birthday, so i figured a night off would be fun and an SA run would be a good time. the ticketmaster site did it’s thing, and find me a half ass decent seat, off on the side of the arena section, twenty-some-odd rows off the floor.

the price? $180. for a SINGLE fucking ticket.

what the fuck?

i went back later and found seats that were worse than where JAB and i were in 2008, which was way back in the mezzanine section (but we were front row and had a great bird’s eye view) and they were still around $100 per ticket.

don’t know about all that shit. think i may have to get a bit more creative for the self b-day thing this year…hell, i still need to figure out where the fuck the bar-b-que’s gonna be this year!

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  • sean Oct 28, 2012 @ 18:51

    this was a graphic i WANTED to do on here but i didn’t know how to make it at the time…ain’t photoshop fun?