wrappin’ it up with ghetto mary

no, this is NOT an pro-condoms bit…

…not that i don’t encourage that shit.

no, this is about a new zealand church that got in some shit over a billboard they ran back around Christmas, but i figured since easter was creaping up on us in another week or so this was a time to look at it and, if you think it’s funny, giggle your ass off:

call me blasphemous (you won’t be the first…and that’s just today!) but i think this shit is funny. maybe it’s reading lamb, the gospel according to biff – jesus’s childhood pal that makes me see all the biblical characters as real people now, but if you look at the facts (virgin girl, no job, poor, and now pregnant in the pre-WIC era) this would probably hold true. just sayin’.

the same church came under fire (and brimstone?) for a billboard the previous year:

see, this one i think is bullshit – i don’t care who she was with before, she’s with you NOW. that’s what counts. you won – let the past be the past and rock her world the best you can…even if, unlike her ex, you didn’t create it.