2012 – the year in the toilet

first off, this isn’t nearly as pessimistic as the title implies…

…sure, 2011 ended with a shitty (and shittily done, but when is it nice?) break-up and lonely as confused holidays. also keep in mind (not to harp on it) that these bits, at this point, are written a bit in advance so while you’re reading this post st. patrick’s day this was actually written the week of new year’s day.

but still…

…for only five days into the year and it seems i’ve already had to repair two shop toilets, than somehow the “big john” story came up and i had to google my own shit to show the brochure off the bit i’d done since the google link for the manufacturer didn’t work (i guess in this tough economy uber-fat asses will just have to suffer on a normal bowl).

but now i’m writing this bit to help myself procrastinate going to wal-mart to buy the innards and hoses to do the toilet in my bathroom which is now acting up a bit – dribbling water, making noise, and in an odd twist (that would only happen at my place) only flushing properly if i crank on the sink half way through the toilet flush cycle.

odd shit.

so, hopefully this is my last toilet time issue – lord knows i’ve had enough shit with the woman drama and bullshit from the break-up to not wanna deal with LITERAL shit any longer!