jane, how do i stop this crazy thing?!?

okay, so by the time you’re reading this i SHOULD be back in my car…

…which seems like forever ago i gave him up for a week (and some change), but again – i’ve been told he SHOULD be back with me by the time you’re reading this. and while the first rental sucked ass, the next one was a bit cooler:

okay, MUCH cooler. inside is really nice, outside looks a bit more aggressive, and it has all the fun bells and whistles – still like mine better (top down action and german engineering are hard to beat) but for a rental, this one ain’t bad. i don’t mind running around in it. the only thing that through me off was this:

which in hindsight, and especially when you look at this picture, seems like it shouldn’t have. but sue me, i’ve never driven a push-button car before. and it was a last minute call that got me in to swap the impala for the charger…so i was a little frizzle-fried when i ran in to swap, than realized i didn’t have enough time to go to the gym – so i had to hustle from the rental place to grab a quick bite on the way to the shop, and when i got to quizno’s i reached for the key to turn it off…

…but all my hand hit was steering column, which begged one question:

how the fuck do i turn this thing off?

again, in hindsight hitting the button makes sense. especially when you look at the pic above and see it says “OFF” on the bottom. but at the time i didn’t catch that, and sat befuddled for a good minute or so before it clicked…

…shoulda been a hint that it was gonna be THAT kinda weekend, which it was.

but again, if you’re in the market for a full-sized family car, check one of these out. smooth ride. me? i’m still wondering why i bought the beamer i did instead of the roadster – lord knows i don’t need the backseat for anybody (or anything else lately, for that matter…)

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  • sean Feb 10, 2012 @ 11:24

    and apparently the auto gods are conspiring to keep me chargering through the weekend – hope next week brings some top-down weather, ’cause i’m jonesing for it!