2k12 – our final resolutions?

as one ancient culture predicts 2012 will be out last year on earth, i figured i’d knock out my whore resolutions early…

…plus, there’s only two sundays that fall with whore bits on ’em, and we all know what i’ll do for the Christmas bit, so this will be my only chance this month to do…

six topics i’ll try my damndest to avoid during 2012

my weight – i swear, i obsess over this more than a tween chick. time to let that go. i’m forty – shit happens. and truth be told i weigh less now that i have in forever.

my love life – this is a cheater one, as i rarely bring this up any way…but we’ll keep that “anti-chat” streak going here.

my financial picture – i have a cool job, it just doesn’t pay really well. but it has its perks, and i guess until i decide the financial strife outweighs the freedoms i need to shut up and just enjoy the ride, ya know?

reader’s polls – lets face it – my audience just ain’t as participitory as it used to be, and all considered the way of the world these days most of you probably read me on smartphones where commenting is probably a pain in the ass, so i won’t even bother on this one going forward.

this old house – this was orginally about me going off on all these house projects i need to do, which are plentiful but rarely get started let alone finished due to laziness or lack of funds or both. so we’ll apply it to that AND my griping about my house not being clean. i either need to bite the bullet and hire a maid or shut the fuck up and clean…no need to hassle y’all about it – not like you’re gonna come over and clean…are you?

and finally…

i’ll remember there’s a “0” this year – i’ve done the “2k” thang since “2k”. i even remember in the early days of this site i postulated about how long i could get away with “2k” and have taken through “2kX” and even “2kX1” but, in reverence of this possibly being our last year on earth, i’ll go ahead and use “2012” and than go back if we see “2kXIII”. or at least i’ll TRY to use “2012”.