blaq friday (turkey day leftovers, NO shopping tips)

you want a good shopping tip for today?

have a small-ass family like me and be broke. the former means not many to buy for, the latter means they ain’t expecting much. all were covered before labor day ‘cept for my sister, and as she’s still (as of this writing) unemployed so i’m gonna try and convince her we don’t do shit and all is well.

why the scrooge-like attitude? because the last few years we just do gift cards…so, i go to a store i normally wouldn’t, deal with parking, deal with lines, and buy a car guaranteeing she has to do the same. meanwhile, she’s similarly suffering only to seal the same fate for me.

what’s the point in that shit?

so – how was my turkey day?

i have no idea.

why? because this blaq friday bit is being written a week in advance – as is the sunday sixer, and all bits between that friday and this sunday. i guess there’s some truth to that whole “cluttered work space equals cluttered mind” theory. ever since we finally got grandma’s old place cleaned out (tail end of august) and weren’t able to get the storage unit the size we wanted it i had to use my house to store quite a bit of it, which predominantly ended up in my office. a lot of it was piled on my desk. couple that with my shit-ass internet and motivation to write was at an all-time low. like lower than the dell/alex years kinda low.

sad, really.

then came the NOLA trip, was a lot of fun, but financially more crippling than i expected and for the two weeks after it i didn’t have two days off. i like two days off. it gives me one to be a drunken slob, and one to be responsible – when i only have one at a time, they tend to both go that first way…

…and for two weeks, they did. hell, due to turkey day i probably tried my damndest to score three off this week. i wonder if it worked? this will be followed by an italicized note from “the future”…

[future note]

so this week (as in the week this is written, which is the week before you’re reading it) i finally had two days off. the first one was semi-productive, followed by shane-inspired (and financially backed to a degree) drunken lunacy. wednesday wasn’t much better in the productivity department. thursday i worked, got home early, and ass-planted the couch with the dude for movie night (the amercian with clooney – not great, not bad). than woke up today and for some reason actually WANTED to get my clean on. so the desk, kitchen, dining table, coffee table, and my bathroom all got attacked with my usual blaring soundtrack in the background.

not bad for a friday pre-work and pre-workout.

now if i can only keep that energy up for the workout…

did i? – another note from the future: