the luckiest country on earth (at least for me)

the other day i met somebody i never thought i’d ever ACTUALLY meet…

…a real live nigerian person.

i recognized the accent. and as i’m from texas, where we only have four recognized types of people in the state (black, white, mexican, and other – and it should be noted it USED to be, when i was a kid, just “black, white, and other” we had to give the mexicans their own category once they became the dominant part of the state’s populace – but whether you’re chilean, nigaraguan, honuran, cuban, el salvidorian, brazilian, etc, etc you’re “mexican” in texas. ask anybody…) i knew the accent fell into the “other” category, so i asked the lady where she was from – she responded “nigeria”.

“really?”, i replied. “why’d you leave – that’s the richest country on earth!!!”

she looked at me puzzled, and started to lecture me about how poor the country was. i just waved her off mid-diatribe, pulling out my phone and pulling up my email. i could show her three emails JUST FROM THAT DAY that showed i had won their lottery, and that not one but SEVEN of her wealthy countrymen had entrusted me with massive amounts of cash…all i had to do was send them my social security number, bank account number, etc and it was all mine.

“with all this disposable cash how can you guys NOT be rich?”, and i went on to point out that these awards weren’t millions in THEIR currency, which is god knows what – yaks or something? but rather in US DOLLARS – it even said so in the emails.

she was speechless. and since “silence is golden”, i guess we can chalk that up to even MORE nigerian wealth, huh?

rich bastards…