an irish twist on a phrase i learned from an irishman

“it’ll make a turd”…

…that’s what shane will use to review food he can stomach, but doesn’t particularly care for.

i think i’ve (sadly) found the irish booze equivalent. and don’t just meant “booze” ’cause i’m in irish guy – no, this is something i’ve always been curious about, finally tried, and i can say “it makes a buzz”, but not much else.

“it’ll make a buzz” is the booze equal to “it’ll make a turd”, ain’t it?

i’m talking about “potcheen”, which is essentially irish moonshine. it can be legally distilled in ireland, but it can’t be legally SOLD in ireland – they can only export it.

so, they did…and for twenty-five bucks i procured a bottle recently.

it’s “whiskeyish”, but it ain’t whiskey. and it’s clear. it’s not that strong (90 proof, or 45% alcohol by volume, which is less than bushmills 1608, my other “big regret” from new orleans, as that was only $59 a bottle there, compared to $99 a bottle here, but i didn’t have the cash). the taste is kinda like whiskey, but enough NOT like whiskey to where i really have to force it down straight. as i’m typing this, i tried mixing it, and mixed drinks came about purely to help dilute shitty tasting booze and make it drinkable (truth)…so far, that taste is still cutting through (of course, i did a 70/30 blend which probably explains it – what? it’s my day off…).