boozeless monday?

it’s my friday…

…so fuck all of that shit.

but i seriously thought that was what god wanted. seriously.

i was supposed to wrap my day at our 183 shop, which is going out towards cedar park. WAY out northwest austin. like so far north and so far west it doesn’t even sit in travis county…but the good cool folks at travis county sheriff’s office will still let the shop do the brown santa thang come Christmas time, whereas the blue santa folk with APD wouldn’t do the Pflugerville shop…fuckin’ ridiculous. but, i’m drifting off subject here…

i don’t mind wrapping up days at pflugerville ’cause it means i can go drinking at antonio’s. i LOVE me some antonio’s. the food ain’t bad, the place is nice, the margaritas are just this side of moonshine on the “fuck-u-up-ometer” and their cheap…plus, the bartender (trix) is easily my favorite (sorry to all at trudy’s) bartender in austin…possibly ever. but i noticed the last time i was there he gave me a receipt (uncommon) with his cell number and email scribbled on the back of it (even more uncommon…try “never”).

so, i guess that hinted at it.

but i get off at p-ville, head to antonio’s, and all is dead. dark, locked doors, chairs on tables kinda dead. not fuckin’ cool. but i DID need to grab food for my one living snake (reticulated python died, which apparently i told nobody about, but she did…since tish i’ve had snakes, but no love for any of them to be honest. if the current guyanna boa goes i think i’ll consider that the end of my “snake phase”. but as i’m not looking to WILLINGLY kill it, i need snake chow, which means trudy’s was the better booze call. so i hopped the toll to MoPac and exited burnet. through on the right turn signal to be greeted by ROAD BLOCKS.

no bullshit. that’s when i figured god himself (or herself, depending on which subscription you have) didn’t want me to drink. but i’ve defied the devine on more than one occasion, why stop now?. a quick u-turn in a pawn shop parking lot and i was parking in the lot NEXT to the lot at trudy’s, straddling a line as their spaces were even too small for a 3-series (and that’s just wrong).

turns out they were open and the parking lot trauma equaled less bullshit and wait to get booze and food. all was well. buzz achieved. hell, i’m typing this at THEIR bar. now i’m gonna go get snake chow, head home, and spend a day on the house. a san marcos run will be in order late tuesday or early wednesday to combat cabin fever…holler at me if you need me, i’m outta here!

(extra monday drama bit – midway through this, when i went to link back to last thursday’s bit, i had my internet crash. notebook said it couldn’t “detect the device” on my sprint card. totally uncool. rebooted several times to no avail, but then turned the fucker off and thought myself done…till my tech support background kicked in…fired it back up, checked the “connection menu” and it SAW the card, but said it was “disconnected”…one click and that was changed, and i was back online. good when your past comes back to haunt you in a whore saving way…but now john lennon’s imagine is playing, i can think of no better song to exit…well…ANYTHING with…)