the most important, and apparently least accurate, meal of the day

i love my breakfast taco place…

…just not so much lately.

they’re great – they’re cheap and the food is good (JAB disagrees with me on this). they open at 5am but the breakfast crew gets there at 2am to make EVERYTHING fresh. the salsa. the tortillas. and than i show up and get two tacos for me, four more for the rest of the opening crew, and six tacos that’ll fill three people up typically runs under ten bucks.

for fresh made far from healthy breakfast for three that ain’t bad.

but lately there’s been some accuracy issues. it all seems to have started since they got a new counter girl, so naturally i thought it was here. but i started looking at the receipts she handed me and they were right. than i started looking in the bag, where you see the receipt that the kitchen sees when they make your shit – and they were right as well. but when you pay for a four ingredient taco and only get three ingredients that’s not cool. and when you order the morning special with cheese (potato and egg) this morning but instead get bacon, egg, and cheese and the bacon is (as is tradition in mexican food) overcooked and hard and hurts your teeth (i have bad teeth – it’s a family thing) that sucks, too.

so, i think i might be done with this place for a while.

of course, this won’t hurt us on saturdays – there are not one, not two, but THREE taco joints within five minutes of the shop, all pricier than my local joint, but all more fresh by nature of location (i.e. tacos don’t sit in a cooler in my car for two hours from order time to consumption time) and typically more accurate than their lockhart-based competition. the true test of my boycott will come next week when i try to finish my plum street tool shed clean out project…i guess we’ll see how that goes.