i’m gettin’ some jersey whores, bitch!

it was a toss-up on the title today…either what ya got or “bringing a whole new meaning to ‘dounut holes’…”

…and depending on how you fell in the rotation depends on what you saw – we rigged it to where every other person saw every other title, with the one NOT used falling in the first line. ain’t technology cool?

so, there was a jersey dunkin donuts where they recently busted a worker prostituting herself on her break in the parking lot in an operation the cops called “extra sugar”.

i can’t make this shit up

i understand the economy sucks, and i gotta figure while it’s always “time to make the donuts” it’s probably not a time that gets you that well paid.

i get all that.

but it seems like you wouldn’t want to whore yourself out of a business who has a lot of police foot traffic, and outside of a police station few places will have more of that than a fuckin’ dunkin donuts.

i’m just saying.

they noticed her leaving the “restaurant” (talk about stretching a term) and going out to cars in the parking lot for ten to fifteen minutes at a stretch…than she solicited an undercover cop to see if he wanted the same treatment, and that was all she wrote.

if you’re doing it at subway (which would bring new meaning to “$5 footloooong”) i could see it…but a donut shop? don’t ya just KNOW you’re gonna get busted?