i have my (non) moments

amongst my peers i’m known to be somewhat automotively inclined…

…it’s not for the typical reasons. it’s not like my dad’s a car guy…and he wasn’t around for most of my life (which doesn’t stop the occasional lengthy lecture, but never mind that now). wasn’t an older brother or anything as i didn’t have one of those. no, i got my automotive inclinations due to what i feel is the REAL reason most guys started fixing their own cars – not for the passion, but for the poverty.

i gotta get to work, but i can’t afford a real mechanic. let’s hit autozone.

and the camaro is getting up there in miles. like over 218,000 kinda “up there”. this is the age where stuff starts to leak. slight oil leak. cracked rim. that sorta thing…but the other night when we went to dinner i got in a real panic – ’cause i heard a noise in the back that when i asked the boy in the backseat where it was coming from the response i got was “it’s right here with me”.

that ain’t good. he wasn’t talking about the rockford fosgate woofer right next to him! it sounded like an odd bumping, just “off” noise. figured it for a wheel bearing – that’s what did it in the malibu back in the day. i don’t recall the exact bill, but i didn’t remember it being cheap. figured this would be the same fate.

not so much.

so, as i was getting the car cleaned out from the monday shop run around i realized i had forgotten to give something to our 290 shop – so i reached over and hit the trunk release button so i could throw it back there and it would be out of the boy’s way…but when he went to climb in the car he commented on it and i realized i hadn’t moved shit.


but what i DIDN’T think about was that if this was still back there, the trunk was still popped. riding on shitty country roads and the not-so-smooth streets of lockhart and buda made it sound worse as the trunk slightly bobbed up and down against it’s latch, creating the noise we heard. what was even MORE sad was i didn’t catch it till the next morning when i ran to the title company and hit the lock button only for it to only honk ONCE – which means a door or the trunk is ajar. realizing i hadn’t been in the trunk all morning, and STILL seeing the supplies in the backseat, i started to “LOL” quite literally.

and i figured if i can laugh at my own stupidity you should be able to as well, right?

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