brown eye bit

this isn’t about a seventies song OR anal sex…

…sorry if that’s a let down for anybody who found this via google. or any of my regular readers. sometimes your life is, unexpectedly, gonna suck i suppose. sometimes life does that. sometimes life rocks. last night comes to mind. but THAT’S not gonna be a bit today. moving on…

we’ve all heard the expression “coke bottle glasses”. i’ve never been accused of having such things. personally, i can’t WAIT for my next eye exam…my prescription remained unchanged from when i got my first pair of glasses (age 15) until i started at dell (age 33). than EVERY FUCKING YEAR i was at dell my prescription went up. really wanna get another exam and see if it’s moved now that i’m not staring at a fucking monitor all day every day. bet it makes a difference, but time will tell.

this all came about for a stupid reason though, which just shows how my brain (doesn’t really) function when i get up before 6am (WHOLE lots going on in my lil’ world today) – i have a bottle of mexican coke (NOT a drug reference – literally coca-cola from mexico) sitting on my desk in front of the monitor. unlike the cokes we get in this country, this puppy has two distinct differences:

1. real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup as the sweetener (the real draw for buying one).

2. real glass bottle instead of plastic.

and it was number two that inspired the bit – due to it’s placement i had to (or at least tried to) look THROUGH the glass to see the icon i click on to go online. didn’t work. i know the thickness of ones spectacles is what inspired the “coke bottle glasses” expression, in reference to the thick bottom of the old school glass bottles (or current school by mexican standards) but how the fuck are you supposed to see through these? bottle had to get pitched just so i could log on and type this…just sayin’.