seein’ red

and i ain’t talking about the wine in my glass…

…although that as well, i suppose.

i just watched the dilemma. not a bad flick. had some chick flickish moments, but overall not bad. got it from redbox with the aforementioned freebie code and it was worth every penny and then some. and i rent from redbox all the time. the only downside to renting movies these days (and i get this, ’cause otherwise what would be the point in owning them?) is that the “rental copies” don’t typically have the extra shit. you get the movie for a buck, but if you want to see the alternate ending or the gag reel or whatever you gotta go to target or best buy or whatever and buy the fucking thing.

no big deal.

now, OCCASIONALLY the rental copy has the extra shit. and most of the “previously viewed” movies i’ve gotten from video places have the extra shit on them – but i think this is a relatively new thing, so maybe not so much these days? anywho, i’m basically used to one of two things going down with a movie rental these days:

1. all the extra shit is there and you watch it, typically mumbling, “wow – that wasn’t worth the extra time”


2. a black screen with plain white text pops up before the “menu” screen that says “this movie is a rental copy and only contains the feature film – purchase the dvd or blu-ray to see all the bonus features”.

fair enough – i paid a dollar. no big deal. but, ironically, the dilemma presented a third option that was a mental dilemma for me…

3. the normal menu screen comes up, complete with audio setup, direct scene selection, and the a “bonus features” section. all seems to work normally, until you go into the “bonus features” section, which will show you (and allow you to highlight) “commentary”, “gag reel”, “alternate ending”, etc, but then when you try and click on them THEN you get the black screen with the plain white text that says “this movie is a rental copy…”

fucking tease. that is the lapdance equivalent of how you program a fucking dvd. just sayin’.

the dilemma that put me in – hurl the disc at the wall and get charged whatever it is redbox charges you if you just never return it (i don’t even know – do they just charge you a buck a night for the rest of your life?) or just take it back and chalk it up to “fuck it, it was free”.

cooler heads (per usual) prevailed and it was back with hours to spare before i’d get charged a buck for night two.

still fucked up, though…