wait a minute (and weight a minute)

so, first let me hit a common topic…

…or, more accurately, one i never seem to shut-up about.

my weight.

after the “big loss of ’03” where i dropped from 267 to 217 between memorial day and labor day that summer i’ve felt like i just ALWAYS need to be around 217…or, even better, less. than came alex and cathey, two relationships with “carb queens” as i call them (with the utmost love and respect, i should add) and as i went to eat with both of ’em a lot while i dated ’em (which encompassed july ’04 to around november of ’08) and that’s when i got back up in the 220’s and 230’s and STAYED there.

that’s what i use as my excuse. but notice there’s a gap between november 2k8 and december 2kX. a big one. that was all MY fault.

in january of this year i abandoned my typical low-carb plan (which was how i did it in ’03) and went with decent exercise and lean cuisine food. weighed 228 or so than. weighed in at 208 this morning – the lowest i’ve been since i walked out of lockhart junior high (in may of 1985). that ain’t bad. but still shooting for below 200 by the time turn forty, which is a scant two weens and two days away…or something like that. hey, you got to have goals…

…moving on.

so, i was the the gym yesterday, where they play espn on the flatscreen tv’s in the locker room, and i was amazed at what i saw – a fucking spelling bee. “espn” has become such a part of our lexicon that we all know it as just a sports channel…but in truth the “e” in “espn” stands for “entertainment”…as in “Entertainment & Sports Programming Network”…in other words “entertainment” was listed BEFORE “sports”. but fuck all that – they’re the fucking sports channel. it’s what they do. and while i would argue with ANY canadian that “curling” is not a sport (or entertaining, for that matter) and there’s a dating site commercial out there that argues that “darts” isn’t a real sport (mountain top!) i know for damn fact that a fucking spelling bee is, like curling, neither a real sport OR entertaining…

…hell, at least curling is in the winter olympics. that can’t be said for fucking SPELLING.

(it should be noted that i chuckled at the irony when spell check caught “olympics” in the line above – but it was just ’cause i didn’t capitalize the “o”)

so, i guess we’ve hit a slow season where there ain’t shit on to show at 9am on a wednesday. but go to your entertainment routes and show a sports movie or something. let me see some “on any given sunday” or even “baseketball”. but a spelling bee? on espn?