not berry happy

i’m thinking the “blackberry” phase of my phone world might be drawing to a close…

…all thanks to a VERY rude awakening.

never mind the wiped out voicemails, and the fact it’s a “smart” phone but you have to tell it what time zone it’s in…and you pay an extra ten bucks for “premium data” that’s for all the world the same as my previous internet service that was ten bucks cheaper.

but it keeps locking up for seemingly no reason. you can’t just turn it off and turn it on – you have to pop the battery and do a hard reboot which takes five minutes, give or take.

and then came the “rude awakening” – my last phone had, set from the factory, up to FIVE different alarms you could set. five of ’em. the blackberry comes with ONE, but you can download an app that allows multiples, so i did. use it all the time. works great…

…until today.

the alarm went off, and i have to pull the phone out of the holster, flip it open, and hit “snooze”. (on the old phone you just hit the touch screen). so i did that – but than it went off again. i pulled it out, opened it up, hit “snooze”. but on the third time when i did it, it kept going off. i got up, went to the bathroom, and the alarm was STILL going off. so, i turned off the phone – when it came back on, the alarm was off.

i drifted off for five minutes, than it kicked back on.

i went through the same snooze procedure with the same result – the alarm kept going off. “this is bullshit”, i said to myself, and i leaned on the power button. the head set went dark. turned off.


turned it back on, still “sounding the alarm”. back off again. STILL “sounding…”

so i had to pop the battery. that did it. and that’s bullshit.

so, we’ll see how it does tomorrow morning. if it’s more of the same, it’s back at sprint tomorrow and i’ll have the old phone reactivated. fuck this – i’m smarter than a smart phone…and this one is barely short bus smart.