skullboy sunday sixer

i have been through hell and back (which is kinda funny when you see this) trying to show you this…

…spooky, huh?

(due to an “upgrade” of the software putting pictures on entries is now a pain in the ass. neither my non-girlfriend’s computer NOR shane’s NOR any computer in the library save for one will let me put in pics – so i just get here when they open to secure that one…)

we all get those emails from our friends, from time to time, whereby they send something they thinks looks kinda stupid or foolish or ridiculous. whole websites are dedicated to that shit.

but when you get a “how stupid is this tattoo?” email from they guy who actually does your tattoo work, you know perhaps somebody’s crossed the line. i always advise people against stuff below the elbow as it may inhibit job options…

…what kind of options did THIS idiot leave himself?

six things i figure he could still do…

1. mascot at a funeral home

2. weekend part-timer at hot topic

3. be a waiter pretty much anywhere in austin that’s open 24 hours…

(admittedly, that one’s pretty regional – but come visit and it’ll make sense)

4. performer at any theme park during halloween

5. doorman at a haunted house

6. in the words of harold, “a carnie – no explanation needed…”