with so much drama in the o.p.c., it’s kinda hard being snoop d o’ double g…

…wait – that’s not what the title meant.

it was a symbol of my overly domesticness today. it stands for “out pre-church”.

it’s a whole ‘nother world in this town.

i don’t know if i’ve ever seen it until today.

typically the outside world doesn’t see me till lunch time on a sunday. by then, they’ve all been to church – and it’s pretty clear by my attire and slightly out of it expression that i just got out of bed. eye boogers are another hint.

and that scriptural quote of “judge not lest ye be judged” never enters their head, lemme tell you.

sometimes it was laziness. sometimes it was too much partying the night before. most of the time it was a little of both – but today i fooled them all, ’cause i was out and about and running for breakfast at around 9:00 this morning with no alarm – and most church services don’t start until 10:30. so today, i looked like everybody else – out grabbing a bite, nice and casual…the only difference was THEY went home, put on their “sunday best” and got their fellowship on…

…i came home, put on my grubbiest, and did the yard.

fuck yeah, i know how to party, huh?

the funny moment came around noon when my neighbor got home with the wife and kids fresh from first lockhart whatever – i noticed his wife was looking at me when they drove up. she turned to him. she said something. then, when she got out of the minivan (for the record, i will never, EVER be that fucking domestic) she smiled and waved. then the kids got out and ran in. finally the neighbor (these are the same people that were part of the arturo incident) got out. he smiled, then yelled across the street, “THANKS, sean – you made us all look bad!”. when i asked how, he gestured up and down the street and i noticed that since the rains of a couple of weeks ago, nobody had gotten around to mowing their grass…

…except me.

so now, the house on the block that typically looks like forgotten rental property has the only neatly mowed and edged yard. nice. it’s nice to see that occasionally the oldest kid on the block (which i call myself since i grew up here and nobody from my generation of doing so is still around) can occasionally make good.

now i just have to keep it up – if for no other reason than the fact that i was, as some may recall, the neighbor that used to get the city called on him back in the day…

(i looked for the bit on it, ’cause i thought i had one, but i guess i didn’t)

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