take me away (the interlude)

okay, so on yesterday’s entry there was an unscheduled half time where by somebody almost got arrested and / or shot in my front yard…

…do i know how to party or what?

so, last night at 10:30, i’m sitting in the office here at casa de sean, minding my own business, and doing a whore entry. this is NOT uncommon. (it was for a while, back in the sad days where the entries were becoming weekly, but we fixed that). i see this mini truck creep slowly up to my house. this does not phase me. why?

we got a new couch recently.

yes, as i believe i mentioned, our small den combined with alex’s allergy to doggy dander (and therefore aversion to the upholstery that can nurture it) made us HAVE to get a leather sectional i’d always wanted. ain’t that a damn shame? but when we threw out the old love seat and coffee table, the city (what a shock) is taking it’s damn sweet time coming to get it. we’re now in week TWO since i hauled it up (three starts on saturday) and so i figured it was people furniture shopping in front of my house…

…not uncommon. what happened next, however, was.

so, the truck sits in my driveway, lights on, for about three seconds, then slowly backs back out. i figure this could either be couch or car shoppers, since the malibu ain’t running (but damn it, WILL run again – i swear it) and last time i had a dead vehicle nationals appeared out of nowhere with cash – but even they kept it to a reasonable hour.

after the truck backed out, it turned back towards the little street that T’s into my street, pulls just around the corner (right under the street light) and kills the engine and lights. i kill the monitor on the computer so the office window goes dark.

the waiting game ensues.

after about two minutes,i walk around through the den, the dining room, and towards the door to my garage – when i happen to look down, i notice i have a missed call – something i didn’t have at 10:00 when i took a shower. i check it and it says “arturo” (for those who know my family, they’re laughing).

now realizing that the truck that looked quite similar to my uncle’s in my driveway probably WAS my uncle’s in my driveway, i walk outside, and the truck is no longer at the corner. i look over and see a tall guy standing in the shadows of the street lamp, who then starts to walk down the road away from my house – i look down and see he is walking to the same truck now pulled down the street…and it looks like he has a gun.

this makes this uncool for three reasons:

1. my uncle has a limp and walks with a cane, and this guy doesn’t.
2. my uncle’s “amigo” is not tall.
3. neither of them, to my knowledge, own a gun.

i come back in the house ’cause at this point i figure the police probably need to get involved. i grab my phone, and walk back outside to see what i can see (it should be noted at this point that during this entire incident i have neither my contacts nor my glasses on, so “what i can see” is a bit limited.). i see the tall guy from under the street light and what looks to be a short woman disappear around the back of my neighbor’s house. i walk around the street corner, and my neighbors (husband and wife) pop around the corner when they see it’s me and ask if i saw the “strange vehicle”. i tell them my hypothesis that it was my uncle and show them the missed call, adding that the “strange vehicle” looked just like his truck.

and we laugh.

then they pull out the cordless phone, call the cops, and tell them never mind – they had already called the cops on what i THINK was my uncle.

with the law now out of the picture, we all retire to our separate dwellings and crash – for my neighborhood, this is high drama. that’s why i like my neighborhood…

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