can’t live with it, can’t live without it

there are certain things a man just simply can not do without…

…and a big one in texas is a/c.

no bullshit.

currently in my home office it is eighty-eight degrees and 11:00 p.m. – and it ain’t going down.

does my life suck or what?

and this is after i somewhat shelled out for repairs…

back on wednesday morning i woke up to a frozen a.c. – a quick inspection found that i had a nasty filter (the leading cause of a frozen a.c., in case your taking notes). i got that replaced, but just to be safe called on a repair guy (who’s a friend of the family, so i’m pretty sure i’m not being fucked here) and he came over looked things over, and told me all checked out as far as the freeze up – but the water in the a.c. closet concerned him (i had noticed this and just thought it was bad drainage) – he said that indeed it was, but to the point that it could ruin the unit and that a repair (to the tune of $500) would be needed. he charged me for the service call, and was back two days later to do the $500 repair, which he said i could pay half this week when i got paid and the other half over the course of the next month or so…

…worked for me.

but we got home from the transporter ii today (which is pretty good) and the outside a.c. unit has ceased working and i don’t know why. several calls to my a.c. guy’s home and cell have yielded nada. so, here i sit…

…and sweat.

if i can’t reach him by noon i guess to the yellow pages i will go, for life sans a.c. for me is NOT an option. in fact, sleeping and sweating is so against my d.n.a. that i actually use it as a trip when i get drowsy on long car trips – i will actually turn the heat on in the summer at night so i start to get sweaty and therefore cant’s sleep while i drive.

this actually works on me.

problem is, i’m now sitting and sweating in my own home, and need to get sleep so i can be productive at work tomorrow – for i am a commissioned salesperson, and with all the other bullshit that’s been dealt my way in the last week or so adding sleep deprecation to it guarantees me no sales this week, which ends me with a low number for the month, and therefore no money come tail end of october. that is NOT an option.

desperate times call for desperate measures.

so, since the two glasses of scotch didn’t work (but thanks for the bottle, kramer) hopefully the two tylenol p.m. will – waiting for them to kick in as i type. i think i’m going to go take a chilly shower to wash the sweat off and cool down, and then go curl up in the bedroom (where it’s only 84 degrees) and see if the combination of sleep inducing pain killers and strong booze will actually help even me sleep while i sweat. and tomorrow? i will find someone – anyone – to fix this, no matter what it takes. two nights like this and things will get tre ugly in my world…

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