mexican my ass

dear lord, i think i might be engaged to a white woman…

…what would mamma say?

we’ve all heard my bit about telling alex, “welcome to texas, you are now mexican” when we crossed the sabine river. truth be told, to the keen eye it it obvious that while she is latin, she is **not** mexican. but when she cranks up the car radio when dr. feelgood from motley crüe or photograph from def leppard comes on, it makes you start to wonder.

but it’s the OTHERS that have me disturbed…

a friday sixer, if you will…six songs that were cranked up yesterday so alex could “jam” while we rode from lockhart to austin and then down to san marcos to the gym –

1. air supply – making love out of nothing at all
2. kenny loggins – danger zone
3. the pointer sisters – i’m so excited
4. chicago – glory of love
5. bryan adams – everything i do, i do it for you
6. led zepplin – black dog

okay, so the last one we can easily excuse…

honestly – what self-respecting latina (or straight white man, for that matter) would be able to stomach this? and i just got an ipod, and before i even get the thing charged and programmed she’s talking about borrowing it…

…can you imagine the first time i hit shuffle after THAT goes down?

new order…korn…chemical brothers…RICHARD MARX!?!?!??

and then i run the car into a wall.

most of them tend to be 80’s cheese or sappy schlock left over from some lame ass movie soundtrack (or a combination of both). what i’m left wondering – is it a chick thing, like sappy (or lame, or both) movies that we guys label “chick flicks” that are marketed for you ladies and we guys aren’t supposed to understand them?


was alex’s dad’s mother’s sister’s nephew’s son-in-law a white boy that planted the caucasias lamus gene in the family that lay dormant until alex was immersed into a predominantly white community and now it has sprung full blossom?

did i screw up and commit to marrying a white girl?

do i need to try and get alex to a mana concert to save her inner soul? or would the crüe reunion tour in mcallen come september do the trick? inquiring minds want to know…

…i want to know!!!

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