no mullet required (thankfully)

for a brief moment, i felt i had become what i had made fun of oh so long ago…

there i was, in the parking lot of lockhart high school, kissing my girlfriend good bye before she went in and i drove off back to the house.

you what i like about high school girls? every year i keep getting older, but they all stay the same age…


for those unfamiliar with indy cinema that was a line (or paraphrase thereof) from “dazed and confused” and was NOT what was actually going on. what was ACTUALLY going on was that alex, the notorious h.l.g., has started substitute teaching, and because we share my car right now i had to run her to work before heading off to work myself.

but that was still a little too close for comfort to all-too-familiar territory.

when i was in high school seeing a guy that was WAY too old to be hanging around the high school dropping off some hot latin thang before burning off in a cloud of smoke and dust with “pour some sugar on me” blaring out of the t-tops of his iroc z for a day of beer drinking and cope dipping with his other loser unemployed white trash friends before heading back up to campus to pick up the jail-bait brains of his peer group.

(see, for those who HAVE seen the movie about high school in texas it’s not too far removed from the truth)

i mean, sure, there were a few crucial differences

1. alex isn’t pregnant
2. alex has not only a diploma, but a bachelors, and was there to teach
3. no iroc, no def lep, no unemployment – and no lockhart hair

have i ever talked about the lockhart hair? for some reason, THE style of hair to have if you were in athletics or whatever made you one of the popular kids when i was in high school was basically what could today be described as a mullet, but with an interesting twist.

you see, in my day at lhs (lockart high school) your hair couldn’t be past your shirt collar. so all the guys had it short and brushed down (or spiked up) on the top, super short on the sides and part of the back, and then permed into these tight curls on the back so they didn’t drop too low.

if you can’t picture it i’ll try and upload some yearbook photos. of OTHER people, that is. i didn’t do the lockhart hair thing. and i should probably blur faces lest someone find out and sue.

but yeah, for a brief instance i felt like one of THOSE guys from back in the lhs days that i used to make fun of…but i guess the little differences make all the difference this time, huh?

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