well, i’m sleepy AND i have a new found hope for the current collegiate generation…

today the new beastie boys cd came out. it’s their first release in six years. the single ROCKS. it mentally took me back to the place i used to be in when i worked at the record store and lived release date to release date. it is THE cd i waited for for the summer. so i was overly thrilled when i found out the hasting’s in san marcos would be part of the midnight sale and that if you stayed up late to buy it then it was only $9.99.

okay, sue me…i hit yet another notch on the thirty-something belt this saturday (33) and occasionally like to do something adolescent – and it’s hard to get much more adolescent than driving thirty miles round trip in the middle of the night when you have to be up early the next day for work to get the new beastie’s cd earlier than anyone else, right? so, i did it – and the album is just GREAT. no funky, 70’s porn style instrumentals. no tracks to remind us they were once a punk band. just straight, good hip hop – which is hard to find these days unless you get it from white jewish guys a bit older than me.

the icing on the cake?

when i got to hasting’s they had a big banner advertising the midnight release and the $9.99 price – for both the beastie boys AND tupac shakur. i suddenly had this vision of skater kids and the san marcos equivalent of ghetto folk clashing over who got to check out first. but it was not to be. there were only about thirty people at the midnighter, and ALL of them bought the beasties – not a single tupac sale.

suddenly, i no longer weep for the future. at least, not for those reasons.

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