holly daze (not just a girl who used to blow me for pot in college)

okay, so the bit is new…

but how many people noticed i just cut and pasted a subject line from a past entry?

just checking…

here’s what i don’t get…cinco de mayo doesn’t make me feel bitter for not being latin. and halloween doesn’t make me feel bitter for not being in costume. hell, even xmas doesn’t make me feel bitter for not being a church goer…

so why doesn valentine’s day always make me feel bitter and lonely for being single and…well…bitter and lonely?

i think there’s a few reasons.

for one, most of the holidays have lost there more traditional meanings and headed more the way of commercialism. thanksgiving and new years are now just binge days for food and booze, respectively. the christian holidays centered around jesus are now more associated with a giant chocolate-baring rabbit and some old guy dressed like huggy bear, the pimp from starsky & hutch.

but the evil day in february has always had one central theme:

**\if you’re single, your life sucks ass\**

so, here’s my plan. as with new years, i’m making a resolution for this weekend. a new beginning. a fresh start. i’m going to look at love, romance, sex, and all the pursuits thereof in what i consider the healthiest of ways. the best approach. and it can be summed up in two simple words:

**I QUIT**

i’m stopping. i’m done. i am accepting the fact that there is no reason for me to beupset about being bitter, single, and such because i am ALWAYS gonna be bitter, single, and such, and there is not a fucking thing i can do about it. so rather than lament and covet what ican not have and jones for what will never be, i will simply accept all of that and move on.

think of the power…

how many times have we said or done something we would never, EVER do in order to impress the opposite sex in the name of trying to undo our singledom or, at the very least, get laid? what happened if nobody had that effect on you ’cause you simply didn’t give a shit? it would be like that old looney tunes cartoon where the skunk is trying to get the big dog to crawl out of the warm bed only to discover that the dog is so sick he can’t smell and therefore the skunk aroma has no effect. the one weapon is now useless. the “go-to” effect has gone AWAY. you can do what you wanna do, say what you wanna say, and your life doesn’t change one way or the other. it all goes back to a quote from the greatest movie of last year, \once upon a time in mexico\…

\**”he who wants nothing, is invincible….cavron”**\

words to live by…

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