that’s what my horoscope SHOULD have said for today. it didn’t, but it could have REALLY fit. ya know, friday the thirteenths TRADITIONALLY rock for me…but every tradition gets broken eventually, and apparently that one is no exception.

work was bad. real bad. combining all the things i hate…problems i have no control over solving (but still get a fair chunk of the blame for) combined with lots of hurry up and wait time…”we need you here, so you can do this…okay….that’s not working. sit tight, i’ll call you right back…” and then you sit for an hour (or what at least SEEMS like an hour, waiting for your phone to ring, not wanting to make a call so you can avoid another $300 in phone overage charges and avoid JUST getting into a conversation only to have to cut it off for work) then the call comes, and the process (wait included) begins AGAIN.

and here i thought i got lucky on friday the thirteenths….no, not THAT kinda “got lucky”. that hasn’t happened in a while. but no need to get me depressed now, okay? so let’s change the subject. quickly.

you know what i like to do to wrap up a hard, stressful, eight hour day? take an hour break and then work ANOTHER six hours on top of it. yeah, baby…that’s the stuff DREAMS are made of. throw in some pissed off trustafarians and other earthy, non-bathed, hippy-types, and some heat to “ripen” their aroma just so and you have me in a level of hell not even DANTE could mentally conceptualize. viva la bela fleck. quote that fit the night properly was me to a former star boy in the box office, “i just will NOT have a good time at a show that contains a flute solo”. if i hadn’t spent the latter part of that hour break with a frozen floating on about three shots of patron, i don’t know HOW i would have dealt with it….

(by the way, don’t judge me on that…i WAS off the clock from 17:00 to 18:00…the only hole in my 9:00-23:30 day)

but then, nirvana at the end of the night. no, i’m not talking about the nevermind cd blaring from my car stereo (especially since at the time it was “the rest of new order”, an import-only companion piece to “the best of new order” put out a few years ago…”the rest…” is all remixes.) no, this came in the form of LIQUID nirvana…

jones sour apple soda

ever eaten a sour apple jolly rancher? picture DRINKING a carbonated version and you’re close. tasty, sugar-filled, caffeine-free (hey, we all have our bad points) and just plain DELICIOUS. i first stumbled across them in a record store and bought a couple because they all had different pictures on the labels. then i found out you can SEND them pics, and if they like them you end up with your own label series. TOO cool. i grabbed the one i did because it had pictures of the same ugly “creeper” shoes our then phone room manager wore (and adored). plus, you get a fortune on every bottle cap. or at least words of wisdom. a couple months ago they just appeared at a convenience store on my way home after i hadn’t seen them in over a year. i bought all six they had in the cooler. than just as quickly, they were gone. last night i happened in when they were unpacking a shipment, and dropped $25 on a whole case. DAMN, that has to be good stuff for me to pay that kinda coin, right?

i just realized how much i kinda got hosed on that one. an appropriate term since this is the sweetest canadian stuff i’ve tasted since that cute little blonde girl from montreal with the big, fake…but i think i’m saying too much. did i mention it comes in a multitude of flavors and colors? the sodas, i mean…although i guess canadian girls do, too.

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it was called “guns galore”…and i still think i wanna go there to swap out the sks for cash…or a good mossberg pistol grip.

sean (like you don’t know who i am) said @ 09/15/2002 04:26 AM GMT

jones is big in NY. i drink them while i’m up there all the time. i prefer the cream soda flavor. and they do have the coolest fucking labels ever. just think if i would’ve had a digital camera and we had taken a picture at “world o’ guns” or whatever it was called.

josh said @ 09/14/2002 06:59 PM GMT

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