i’m calling her “copper”

so, 8:15 this morning the lockhart animal shelter unlocked it’s gate, and i was there. fifteen minutes later, copper (as in the color, NOT a police reference) was leading (note: not BEING led) the dog pound chick down the walkway to where i was standing. i put my leash on her, and she tried to pull ME like that….realizing that new dad was about 240 and therefore not moveable if he didn’t WANT to be, she calmed down. i took her to the car, where she rode in the passenger seat for a bit, and once she got sleepy, just curled her cute, big-headed self up on the floor mat.

the shelter folk told me that the three days she was there she never tried to fight (or even act aggressive) with any of the other dogs (many of which are pit mixes, some with scary results) and that she would only answer nature’s call OUTSIDE of her kennel.


so, now we just have to hope she gets along with calum and buffi (and vice versa). not wanting to just dump her in that situation and HOPE all goes well, she’s at the vet today getting wormed, vaccinated, and checked over. she’ll stay the night tonight and i’ll pick her up and finally take her home tomorrow, where the only time i’ll leave the house is to catch austin powers iii with josh (gotta remember to order tix of fandango in a sec) and then it’s (SURPRISE!!!) off to get toasty after the movie. then i’ll be home all day sunday, so it’s all the daddy-doggie bonding we can stand all the way around.

the only concern is the fact that she’s NOT fixed, and neither is calum. on top of THAT, the only time they can squeeze her in at my vet for that is tuesday, august 6th…which leaves us with two weeks when calum might finally get some (all female dogs he’s been around up to this point have been “fixed”); and not to cock-block the boy or anything, but i started to think about it and realized one of the reasons he might not try and roam and might not be aggressive is the simple fact that he MIGHT not know what he’s missing. so for little miss copper, we might have to hop to another vet who can squeeze her in sooner. but if calum tries to bum a cigar off me sometime this weekend, or i notice my al green (or jamiroquai, or slipknot (she IS a pit bull, after all) or new order, or whatever works for him) cd out of place, then i’ll know what’s up…

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