every now and again i’m stereotypical (a 9/11 sixer)

i won’t dwell on it quite like the history channel is…

…but then again, “letting the past be the past” isn’t really their gig.

but i will do a sunday sixer on a few 9/11 points…

what we lost – while the lives and property and innocence and such is usually thought of today the history channel DOES have a thing going today about things we gave up, possibly without realizing it, due to 9/11 in the name of “national security”, which sadly is usually a buzz phrase for stepping on the constitution in the name of being anti-terrorist. i’ve said it many times before, but i’ll only say it once here – if you think the forever war going on over in the middle east is due to ISIS or 9/11 and NOT because people are making money off it and wanna continue to do so even if it means american lives you’re fucking clueless. if they think the war is THAT necessary to our freedom and it’s all patriotic and shit ask yourself this – how many of dick cheney’s relatives are over there? or any of the other billionaires this “conflict” has created? exactly…

abomination number one – it’s a miracle they didn’t get shot – miracle mattress in san antonio has closed it’s doors after receiving a national face punch due to what could be the most tasteless mattress ad in history. think about it – that’s me calling something TOO tasteless. me. it promotes their twin towers sale, where they advertise any mattress size for the price of a twin, and it ends with two towers of mattresses falling over (one had an american flag sticking out of the top of it) and a fat bitch flatly saying, “we will never forget”. nor will we – glad you’re closed.

i almost got shot on 9/11 by fed troops – september tenth mudvayne played at stubb’s and i worked the show. i’d met the guys at a show i worked in san antonio so i hung out with them a bit after the show, drinks were had, etc, etc. the next morning i swapped the cash back from my backpack to the case they used to want us to carry:


which i always thought drew too much attention. and it REALLY did when i walked onto the plaza of the j.j. “jake” pickle federal building carrying the case to see what was going on since there were black armored vehicles all over the place with s.w.a.t. looking troops everywhere…and they did NOT like me walking up, long hair hanging, with that fucking case. guns were drawn. lots of ’em. and pointed right at me as i was barked at to drop the case. then i explained what was in it…then they checked it. then we laughed.

not to be offensive, but… – 9/11 didn’t really effect me. i don’t mean that just because i rarely fly and i’ve never been to new york…i mean it really didn’t “hit” me. it didn’t up my patriotism. it didn’t make me want to kill middle eastern folks. i’ll admit it sucked, but i know people that had problems sleeping and shit afterwards. they felt like it could all hit the fan over and over again. but it didn’t. we’ve never had another attack. and it’s not because we’re over there hopping house to house raping and killing. i mean, we ARE doing that, but that’s not what’s stopping the attacks. the higher alerts help. some of the extra airport shit helps (some of it doesn’t – let my wife take her shampoo and let me keep my shoes on…that’s fucking retarded).

abomination number two (try to look away) – sue me, i figured some woman in the adult entertainment field would claim the moniker “twin towers” and sadly, i was right:


yeah, let’s move on. so, finally…

i kinda helped with me memorial at ground zero – as mentioned a few up, i’ve never been to new york. but one of my clients when i was at dell developed a qr code technology that held all the info and background and security clearance of a person working at ground zero on a small badge that was scanned and verified through on-site servers that were otherwise offline so they couldn’t be hacked from outside the site. and all the hardware to do so was sold to them by me at a whopper of a discount given what it was for. before this they were extremely wary (and understandably so) about letting people on the site so nothing happened until they had bullet-proof security on the grounds, and that’s what we designed. so to that end, i helped that memorial happen…one day i’ll have to go see it.

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