well this oughta shut ’em up

i suppose it was bound to happen…

…it was only a matter of time.

while i treat this site like a joke, and act like i’m basically writing it for my wifey-to-be and ME and kramer and shane and not really anybody else ’cause…well…i figure nobody else reads it, the numbers don’t lie. it’s averaging over 1,600 hits a day.

hell, when i did a bit about dave gahan from depeche mode deflowering a minor based on the girl’s age listed on an FHM pictorial on groupies the girl actually saw the bit and wrote me to let me know she was actually 19 and that FHM had skewed her age for their article…

…so it only stands to reason, when you’re in love with a girl, you tend to talk about her a lot. and when your nickname for her is the acronym for “ultimate fucking chick”, which happens to be kinda trademarked, i guess it’s to be expected, when your site is well traveled, that it will get back to said people who hold said trademark…

…and then lawyers get involved.

but fortunately, intellectual property law states as long as you change twenty-five percent of something it’s a new thing. and since you can’t copyright a shape (octagon) or a generic pattern (chain link) or a font going forward, and she approved this while intoxicated so it counts, i present:


going forward she’s the “ufb” – the ultimate fuck buddy. suck it, dana…and your annoying legal team!

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